A Little International…

A Little International

This was a Gr8 week, we were…

A Little International!

Some French inspired potatoes and floats using champagne, a little pizza Italiano style, Mexican soup…an “all around” (the world) yummy week at Great Eight Friends!

We kicked off Soup September with Kyle’s Chicken Tortilla Soup. Her at Great Eight Friends we LOVE our soups! Check back each Tuesday…or “Soupday,” in September for a new soup recipe.

Then we learned how to make some grown-up ice cream floats, with Champagne! How much better can it get?!?!

Try the mashed potato dish, Pommes de Terre Robuchon, the butter and the cream may make this your new go to mashed potato recipe. (And if you serve them at a holiday, they have no calories….right?)

We wrapped up the week with pizza…ON THE GRILL! How Gr8 is that! Two of our favorite things, pizza and grilling. So easy and fun; let everyone make up their own topping combinations. Perfect for that outdoor party!

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Kyle, Jurga, Debbie, and Anna


  1. Claudia Kerns | 5th Sep 15

    Having friends over and making pizza on the grill!! Thanks for the inspiration Gr8!!

    • Anna | 5th Sep 15

      Have Gr8 Fun!

    • Debbie | 7th Sep 15

      Lon, we saw your pictures and your pizzas look Gr8! Next time the 8 of us might show up! 😉 Have a Gr8 week!

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