A Week of Deliciousness!

A Week of DeliciousnessA Week of Deliciousness…

Are you like us, always looking for good appetizers? Well, this week we have two easy appetizers for you to try: one made with sweet potatoes, and everyone loves it; and one is a new twist on the old favorite Cantaloupe and Prosciutto.

There is nothing like home cooked beans. Beans are Gr8 as a side or as a meatless meal. Try this tasty recipe, and the good news is, they don’t have to soak overnight! They are Awfully Good! If you’ve never made your own beans, you will be amazed by the results.

And for dessert, drum roll please… Homemade S’Mores! Really homemade! That’s right, you can make your own marshmallows and graham crackers. Fun to make and Surprising for your family and friends! And the marshmallows and graham crackers can be made ahead of time, no last minute rushing around!

Happy Corn on the Cob Day! Try our version on the grill. You will never go back to the old way of making corn.

And, most importantly:


The pioneer in bringing delicious food to America and changing the way we think about our dining options.

Have a GR8 Week and Be a Gr8 Friend!

Kyle, Debbie, Jurga, and Anna


  1. Brenda Perlin | 15th Aug 15

    Nice. Happy birthday Julia!

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