All Things Pumpkin

All things pumpkinIt used to be that October rolled around and we started eating pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread. Then Starbucks got into the game, and it seems the Pumpkin Spice Latte became the official symbol of the season. Now everything is pumpkin flavored…

Have you ever wondered why? Why pumpkin? Remembering elementary school history, it must be something to do with the Native Americans and the pilgrims, right? Pumpkins are actually indigenous to the Americas. The oldest domesticated pumpkin seeds have been found in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Native Americans used pumpkins for food, medicine and wove the dried skin into mats. The hollowed out squash would also be dried and used for bowls and storage containers. They ate the blossoms, too…hey we eat zucchini flowers, why not pumpkin flowers? How’s that for sustainable living?All things pumpkin

When the pilgrims arrived they learned from the Native Americans that pumpkin and various other squash were the perfect long lasting food source to get them through the long cold winters. And records show that pumpkin was served at those early Thanksgiving celebrations.

So, my Gr8 Friends, there in a nutshell, errr, a pumpkin shell, is how it all began!

In case you missed any of our pumpkin delights, here are a few.

Pumpkin Irish CreamAll things pumpkin pumpkin irish cream 1

Pumpkin Pie CrunchAll things pumpkin pumpkin-pie-crunch-1

Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Glaze All things pumpkin Pumpkin Cookies Platter

Onward we go toward the holidays. Enjoy every moment!

And remember…be a Gr8 Friend!

Debbie, Jurga, Kyle, and Anna


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