Appy Main Side Dessert

Appy Main Side Dessert

We brought you Gr8 Food this week that will be easy to share with Gr8 Friends…

Appy Main Side Dessert — A Whole Meal!

Kyle discovered that she loves making Spring Rolls and her family loves eating them! This is a Gr8 do-ahead appetizer that is so healthy everyone can enjoy them!

For the main course try this Glazed Salmon recipe. Easily the most popular salmon we’ve served.

And Debbie shared a childhood favorite, a southern specialty, Fried Okra. The addition of corn, tomatoes and squash makes this a colorful and satisfying side.

And just look at that dessert…the star of the show! The perfect finish to a summer time meal, Lemon Sorbet in Lemon Cups.

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Kyle, Anna, Debbie, and Jurga


Social media can be a double edged sword. Are we putting too much of ourselves out there? What about privacy? Everyone else’s lives look so perfect, what’s wrong with mine?

Photo: Forbes
Photo: Forbes

One of the best things about social media is that it can be uplifting. Kyle sent this to me the other day, it’s been floating around social media, and it is so true. I couldn’t find the author, would love to give credit where credit is due. If we can teach our kids these 10 things, then they will be successful in whatever they pursue in life.

Ten Things that Require Zero Talent

  1. Being On Time
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Effort
  4. Body Language
  5. Energy
  6. Attitude
  7. Passion
  8. Being Coachable/Teachable
  9. Doing Extra
  10. Being Prepared


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