Around the World and Back Again

Around the World

Here at Great Eight Friends we sometimes plan our weeks carefully to follow a certain theme, such as Cooking with Nonna Anna. And sometimes (most times) each of us just decides what recipe or Gr8 Fun event we would like to post and we do that; resulting in a variety of foods and ideas.

This week was one of those “unplanned” weeks that sort of came together in the end. We went to a couple different countries and came back home again.

Around the World and Back Again

Jurga started us off with a dish whose origins are from Indonesia, Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce. Peanut sauce on beef may sound strange at first. But once you try this delicious combination you will wonder what else you are missing from our neighbors in the East.

Maybe you’ve been missing Falafel, a ground chickpea mixture which is deep fried and served as an appetizer or a meal. Debbie introduces us to an easy recipe, perfect for a meatless meal!

Wild Rice Salad is next in the line-up…where is that from? China, maybe? Wild rice has it’s ancient roots (see what I did there?) right here in North America. It’s not really rice at all, but an extremely healthy grain cultivated by the Native Americans.

And to finish up, with dessert of course, Kyle shared her moist and yummy Banana Bread recipe. What could be more American? (Well, maybe Apple Pie!)

Try one or try them all! Perhaps you will discover something new to add to your cooking repertoire. Let us know if you do!

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Jurga, Debbie, Kyle, and Anna


around the worldDid you happen to spill a little bit of red wine on your favorite white blouse? Well, don’t fret! This simple little concoction will do the trick…even if you don’t notice the stain until the next day and it has set and dried!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn® dishwashing liquid, whisked together.
  • Pour mixture onto the stain.
  • Once the stain is saturated with the mixture, don’t rinse it out.
  • Wash the item as you normally would.

Et Voilà! Your item should be good as new!


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