Back to the ABCs!

Back to the ABCsBack to the ABCs — Art, Bananas, Clams, and Chili…

We had a new addition to our blog this week, Debbie kicked off her “Craft Corner!” Every once in a while she will be doing a post on something crafty. And this first one was string art, the perfect addition to a dorm room or first apartment.

Thursday was National Banana Lovers’ Day! It seems there is a day for everything and WE ARE HERE TO CELEBRATE and enjoy life! So check out Jurga’s DELICIOUS Banana Bread Pudding with Banana Rum Caramel Sauce. She developed this recipe and it truly is an over the top dessert.

Football Season is upon us and Anna’s go-to for game day is chili. Check out her easy and healthy Turkey Chili and Bean recipe. Tastes like the classic chili we all love, but it’s lighter and healthier…how can you go wrong?!?!

If you like steamed clams, try our Clams with Chorizo from John Sundstrom’s Lark cookbook. The chorizo adds a fantastic kick! Phil couldn’t stop eating these!

And finally, make sure your knives are sharp! Check out the different options for sharpening your own blades.

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Jurga, Kyle, Debbie, and Anna




  1. Brenda Perlin | 29th Aug 15

    This was a great-eight week. Thank you!

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