Be Absolutely Awesome!

Be Absolutely AwesomeBe Absolutely Awesome!

Recent studies are showing that eating cooked eggs with your dark green and orange veggies helps your body absorb MORE nutrients from these veggies, the carotenoids specifically. This is the nutrient rich pigment which gives color. Carotenoids are the source of Vitamin A, and Vitamin A will help you be Absolutely Awesome since it can help with everything from your eyes, to your skin, your stomach, and more.

The French have had it right all along with their Salade Lyonnaise and the Niçoise Salad. Or the simple way to do this is just to add a hard boiled egg to any favorite salad.

I’ve always loved Cobb Salad, but thought it a tad unhealthy because of the blue cheese and bacon, but the egg makes it all worthwhile! My favorite Cobb Salad recipe is posted here.

Make your vegetables count more than they already do by adding an egg!

Have a Gr8 Day!



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