BSBS – Bread, Soup, Birthday, Stew

BSBSIt was a lot of BS this week at Great Eight Friends…

BSBS — Bread, Soup, Birthday, Stew

Years ago Debbie introduced us to her Chocolate Chip BREAD, and we have since made it for our families, and now, you get the recipe…try it, trust us, it’s a revelation!

Anna’s family is all about her Italian Vegetable SOUP! Her daughters beg for it when they visit. Maybe your family will love it, too!

Then Anna showed us an easy way to pull off a BIRTHDAY celebration, for those times when you just couldn’t get it all together!

And Kyle shared one of her family favorites… Chicken STEW,

If you make any of these yummy recipes, post them on social media and tag @greateightfriends and #greateightfriends.

Have a tasty week and be a Gr8 Friend!

Debbie, Anna, Jurga, and Kyle

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