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Butterflied and Marinated Leg of Lamb

Did you say that you don’t like lamb? Did you say that you love lamb? Well then, either way this is the recipe for you! I am not much of a meat eater myself, but I love this recipe. My dear friend Tricia shared this with me many many years ago and it is definitely a winner! The secret sauce (marinade) is so delicious, you’ll want to drink it 🙂  I usually double the marinade ingredients so…

Easy Sheet Pan Lamb Dinner

It seems that we here at Great 8 Friends are a little late to the sheet pan dinner party. Have you seen all the ideas? A sheet pan dinner is just what it sounds like, an entire dinner is roasted on a sheet pan. So it’s time to join the party! If you’ve been following Great 8 Friends for a while, you know that I love old family recipes. And when Vince was a single professional…

Chop Chop Grilled Lamb Chops

Are you one of those people who tried lamb once and didn’t have a good experience, so now you don’t like lamb? Or maybe you’ve never tried it! Lamb is probably one of the most dubious red meats here in the U.S. In my younger years I thought I didn’t like lamb, until my husband and his big Italian family entered my life. At one of the many boisterous family dinners…

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