Cookie Cookie Cookie

Cookie Cookie CookieCookie Cookie Cookie…anybody who doesn’t like cookies can stop reading now. But if you are a Cookie Kook like me, then keep on reading!

Since we are coming up on back to school it’s time to fill up the cookie jar. So we devoted this week to some of our favorite cookie recipes: There’s a healthy-ish option, a favorite made into another kind of treat all together, and a classic after school snack cookie.Cookie Cookie CookieMy father’s favorite cookie was oatmeal raisin and I inherited his love for this chewy, sort of sweet (but not too sweet) snack. Read the post about how this (accidentally) gluten free oatmeal cookie came to be. (Sometimes we find recipes that were not designed to be gluten free, but just naturally are!) I love this version, and it’s fairly healthy…I think!

Cookie Cookie Cookie Snickerdoodle Ice Cream SandwichTuesday of our Cookie Week just happened to also be National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. What could be better than a favorite cookie made into an ice cream sandwich? Gr8 Friends, I give you the Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich! Should we call it a “Snickerwich”? or an “Ice Cream Doodle”? Whatever you call it, MAKE THESE TODAY! Your taste buds and tummy will thank you!

Cookie Cookie CookieAnd since it’s Back-to-School it’s time for the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. Kyle’s version makes a large batch, so you can either share them with the class or freeze some for next month! And the best thing about Chocolate Chip Cookies…add as many chocolate chips as you like!!!

If you have a craving for something different, just search for “cookie” and find many more amazing recipes.

We had a Gr8 Week! Be a Gr8 Friend!


Anna, Kyle, Debbie, and Jurga


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