Don’t Make Food, Make Reservations!

Don't Make Food

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the most popular holiday to dine out? If you enjoy taking your mother (or yourself!) out for brunch or dinner on this most popular dining out day of the year, it is time to make those reservations! The restaurants get booked quickly, so surprise your mom and be prepared!

Or, if you are making a meal instead of reservations, try Nonna Anna’s Tiramisu for dessert or for the brunch buffet. Nonna Anna’s Tiramisu is the perfect dish because you make it the day before to allow all the flavors to blend together, the creamy mascarpone, the espresso, the spongy cookies…deliciousness! Then, when you are setting up your buffet just take it out of the fridge, uncover and serve! What could be easier?

Whatever form your plans take, whether you decide to dine at a lovely restaurant, grill some steaks, burgers or fish in your backyard or maybe take a picnic to the park, we know you will have a Gr8 day!

Here at Great Eight Friends we celebrate Gr8 Food, Gr8 Friends, and Gr8 Fun, and we could also add Gr8 Family to that.

Make it a beautiful and memorable day…make it Gr8!



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