The Always On Hand Easy Antipasto Appy

The Always On Hand Easy Antipasto Appy…Say that 3 times fast!

antipasto 1 vertical With Christmas just 8 days away, yes, that’s right…8 days!…it’s reassuring to have some items in the pantry and refrigerator to offer to unexpected last minute guests. The easiest and most colorful idea is to put together a small antipasto tray.

“Antipasto” literally means “before the pasta;” Italians serve a variety of marinated and pickled vegetables, cured meats, fish and cheeses as a beginning to their larger daily meals. However, this can also be served on it’s own as a lovely appetizer. When artfully arranged on a platter your guests will feel the warmth and love that always shines through with Italian hospitality. After all, with all the Italians I know, Food is Love and Love is Food!Antipasto 1

At Christmas, when Vince’s father was still with us, the three brothers’ families would gather for Christmas dinner. They rotated houses so they each hosted once every 3 years. When the dinner was at Uncle Nick and Aunt Ida’s home, Uncle Nick would make a huge Antipasto Platter…rather I should say, Antipasto Table, because it literally covered an entire table! Everyone lived in anticipation of the masterpiece that was Uncle Nick’s Antipasti.Antipasto OH vertical

For your own smaller, last minute appetizer to welcome guests in from the blustery day here are the items that will keep well for extended periods of time.

Pantry Items:

Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers, Marinated Mushrooms, Pickled Vegetables, Mediterranean Olives, Olive Tapenade or other vegetable spread, Anchovies, Crackers, Nuts, Honey, Dried Fruit.Antipasto pantry

Refrigerator Items:

Hard Salami, Prosciutto (Costco sells a delicious vacuum-packed prosciutto that keeps in the refrigerator for a while), other cured meats such as, Soppressatta, Capocollo, Pancetta, etc., various cheeses, preferably Italian, (but if it’s last minute, just offer what you have!), fresh vegetables such as, carrots, celery, radishes.

The tray can be put together with any combination/variation of the above items. Serve with some crackers or crusty Italian bread, a bottle of wine, and you might just be able to make it a whole meal!

This week literally FLEW by, what with all the preparations for the holiday. Our Gr8 Dinner focus this month was an Olde English Christmas Dinner, but not just any Olde English Dinner, check out why this one was extra fun right here!

Recipes we shared this week were Jurga’s Slow Cooker Creamed Corn (the perfect dish to add to your holiday menu), Debbie’s Mom’s Brisket recipe (truly comfort food), and Kyle’s Wild Rice Stuffed Squash (if there is a more perfect holiday dish, I haven’t found it!).

Keep Calm and Merry On! And be a Gr8 Friend while you’re at it!

Anna, Jurga, Debbie, and Kyle


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