A Gr8 Dinner Party!

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We have been creating Gr8 Dinners for the last 18 years… four per year. After many moons of our kids telling us to create a blog, we finally did it, and we are having Gr8 Fun! Each month we post one of our past dinners. The more recent dinners are easy to re-create in a post, we have clear memories and accessible photos.

The earlier dinners are a bit more challenging! Our memories are DEFINITELY not as clear…and we may or may not have taken photos. And if we did take photos, can we find them? Maybe…maybe not!

But we still want to share ALL of our Gr8 Dinners with you. Because, even if we can’t tell you exactly what we did for parts of the dinner, you will have the theme and the menu. And hopefully, you can re-create some of these Gr8 Dinners for your Gr8 Friends!

A Gr8 Dinner Party

This week Debbie shared her Comida de España Dinner. The invitation set the tone of the evening perfectly. And we all enjoyed learning about and tasting the traditional foods of Spain.

Over the last couple of weeks several of the recipes from that dinner were posted. And this week we posted the dessert, a classic Caramel Flan. And this is one easy recipe!

The Arugula and Fennel Salad is a throwback to our Cooking with Nonna Anna Day. It is the perfect light salad to serve alongside a heavier meal. Or pair it with a piece of grilled chicken or salmon for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Many years ago Kyle’s Gr8 Friend, Tricia, shared the Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb recipe with her. Lamb is one of those foods that many people don’t like, but often, when it is done well, they discover they love it! Try this recipe, it is a Gr8 one! And anytime you can cook outdoors in the summertime, it’s a good time!

Be a Gr8 Friend!

Debbie, Kyle, Anna, and Jurga


May is “Better Sleep” month! We all could use that, right?! Well according to HelpGuide.org, here are a few Gr8 tips for you to try:

  • Try to go to sleep at the same time everyday
  • Expose yourself to bright sunlight in the a.m. (home and/or work space)
  • Finish moderate exercise at least 3 hours before bedtime
  • Be smart about what you eat or drink. (Limit caffeine, avoids big meals at night, avoid alcohol before bed.)
  • Nighttime snacks to help you sleep:
    • small bowl of whole grain, low sugar cereal
    • granola with milk or yogurt
    • a banana

Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!


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