Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerWe are having a baby! Well, we aren’t really having a baby. Anna and Vince are having a baby! Well, ok, Anna and Vince aren’t really having a baby either. Their son and daughter-in-law are having a baby! So……Anna and Vince are going to be first time Grandparents and this is a first for Great Eight Friends!

Well then, we need to celebr8! Of course we do! So, for our Gr8 dinner this year, Joel and I decided to have “Gr8 Grandbaby Shower”!

Oh boy (yes, that’s what we’re having, a boy), let the planning begin! Hmmm, the menu, how about everything BABYGr8 Grandbaby ShowerNow how to deliver the invitation? Of course! To each of three porches we had the local stork deliver a baby made with a diaper (thank you Pinterest) in a carriage, with its baby bottle (invitation rolled up inside) and a blankie.Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerOk, now we had two weeks to come up with table décor and baby shower games! The table was fun to pull together including simple decorations of which many I already had. The centerpiece was a ceramic duck bowl serving gold fish (a child’s favorite snack) and wading in a pool of blue bubbles (pie plate and marbles).Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerWith baby ducks right along side and baby bottles that served the water with our meal.Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerPacifiers were used as place cards at the top of each plate Gr8 Grandbaby Showerand a cloth diaper was used for the napkin.Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerWe found adult sized bibs on Amazon and had some fun with getting them embroidered with our Gr8 logo.Gr8 Grandbaby Shower So with a bib, binkie and a baby bottle, all the Gr8 kids had some fun!Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerIt wasn’t hard to find “baby” themed appetizer ideas on Pinterest. These “baby deviled eggs” were so cute and yummy!Gr8 Grandbaby Shower “Swaddled babies” were easy to prepare and tasty served with a mild mustard sauce.Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerI made a quiche and cut it into “baby quiche” bites.Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerOf course we had “baby back ribs” with baby wipes for our messy fingers!Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerIn baby food jars we dipped baby vegetables into a delicious Pea and Wasabi Dip that I found on Cooking LightGr8 Grandbaby ShowerCould we possibly have room for dinner? Of course we do! So we climbed into our high chairs and enjoyed Nanna’s delicious and beautiful Roasted Baby Beet Salad with Candied Kumquats.Gr8 Grandbaby Showerand Lamb Chops and Orange Carrots and Auntie Jurga’s Roasted Herbed Baby Potatoes. Yum!Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerAnd of course we cleaned our plates so Auntie Debbie and Uncle Phil served us the most wonderful dessert, Dutch Baby Pancake!Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerBefore we end the evening we need to make sure that Nanna and Pops are really ready for the arrival of their first grand baby! So we tested whether or not they have any idea what baby food really tastes like. Clearly their eyes must influence their taste because blindfolded, they were not able to identify very basic flavors like peas, sweet potato, mango, bananas, and carrots! And they thought each taste was Oh so Yum!Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerThey were very good sports!Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerOpen wide!Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

Can Nanna change a diaper?

Yep! No problem.Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerCan Pops change a diaper? Ummm,……Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

Not so much!

Gr8 Grandbaby ShowerPops will be just fine with Nanna right by his side. Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

We love to celebr-8 and this was a very special reason!

P.S. In the photos above, did you notice the sweet yellow blanket Anna was wearing? It was her son’s baby blanket crocheted by his great-grandmother! 

Gr8 Update:

Nanna and Pops’ beautiful grandbaby boy was born in July! Pure Joy!



  1. Janet DeBiaso | 21st Jul 17

    Kyle, this post is absolutely darling and so creative!! Congratulations to Anna and Vince, and to the other GREAT 8 ladies for creating such a memorable evening for them. You gals continue to amaze with your fabulous ideas!

    • Kyle | 21st Jul 17

      Hi Janet! As you know, we had such a fun time and the most joyous occasion to celebr-8! Thank you for your comments and for being a Gr8 friend!

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