From Healthy to Hot Dogs…In One Week!

Healthy to Hot DogsHere we are in the middle of summer and we are having such fun with all the ways to use the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that we find in our markets. Be sure to check out your local farmer’s market, the fruits and vegetable are so much fresher than the grocery store, almost like you picked them yourself!

This week we have some Gr8 vegetable posts:

We also celebrated the 80th birthday of Debbie’s mom. Check out how to throw and fairly stress free backyard birthday party!

And our #TBT was the Gr8 Dinner featuring Chicago at Jurga and Tim’s house. Since they are from Chicago they gave us a peek into the local cuisine…so good! (Vegetables on the hot dogs!)

Did you know? There is a song about vegetables! (The stuff we can learn on line!) Click to watch Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys sing Vegetables.

Run to your local farmer’s market this weekend and enjoy the bounty!

Be healthy,  and be a Gr8 Friend!

Kyle, Jurga, Debbie, and Anna

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