Ice Cream Dinner!!

ice cream dinner
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Summertime and one of the best snacks is ice cream, that wonderful rich, creamy, frozen treat that everyone loves.

Have you ever treated your family to an ice cream dinner? Every once in while, when the kids were young and the day had been brutally hot with lots of activity, we would go to the local ice cream parlor and have an…


The beauty of this plan is if you aren’t eating a regular dinner, all your calories can be spent on the ice cream sundae! And ice cream isn’t ALL bad, after all it IS made with milk or cream and eggs, which all have protein and vitamins. Add some nuts to the top and you have more protein. Or get a banana split because, well, there’s your fruit! (Stick with me, I can justify anything!) I know, I know, there is lots of sugar…but you don’t eat this way every day, and I’m sure it’s healthier than fast food!

So, surprise your kids and have an ice cream dinner. And just to help you out, here a Food and Wine article on the Best Ice Cream Spots in the U.S.

OR, make your own ice cream. The kids will love this! Try our Easy Vanilla Ice Cream, you can even make it without an ice cream maker. Or try something unusual….Cucumber Ice Cream!

Meanwhile, we had some fun this week.

We started off with a Sunday Supper, Grilled Pork Tenderloins. Jurga found the perfect grilling method for getting juicy and tender meat off the grill. ice cream for dinner

And how often on a summer afternoon, when it’s really hot, do you sit the kids down with a movie? And of course they need a snack! Here is Debbie’s take on Microwave Popcorn. Don’t buy the chemical laden stuff! If you have a lunch bag, popcorn kernels and some oil, you can make your very own in the microwave!ice cream for dinner

Then I decided that we needed a rosé cocktail here at Great Eight Friends. Read about how a friend intervened to save my poor attempt and turn it into a delicious summer cocktail that anyone would be proud to serve, the Anna Rose.Ice Cream dinner

When we first moved to California (many moons ago) my mom would sometimes make tacos for dinner. We used the crispy shells that are already formed…remember those? Then we graduated to packaged tortillas that we would heat up or fry. Well, we’ve once again evolved…with Kyle showing us how easy it is to make Handmade Tortillas!Tortillas stacked

Hope you joined some of the Gr8 Fun this week!

Keep your cool this summer and be a Gr8 Friend!

Jurga, Debbie, Anna, and Kyle


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