It Must be Springtime!

it must be springtimeGoing over this week’s posts one thing was crystal clear…

It Must be Springtime!

…because we brought you an array of dishes made from the freshness and abundance of the season. There’s nothing better than finding beautiful, firm, ripe, fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market or in the produce section…and enjoying them on our table.

But, we get ahead of ourselves. We started the week with some Father’s Day Menus so you can plan the meal for the special guys in your life. Since we started this blog 14 months ago it is amazing how many recipes we’ve posted. Check here for five different menus depending on your taste and the vibe you want to set that day.

Debbie shared with us one of her favorite summer soups – a classic tomato Gazpacho. So refreshing and tasty on a hot summer day.

For our #tbt this week Kyle posted another one of the recipes from our Cooking with Nonna Anna day, Asparagus Carrot Bouquet…almost too pretty to eat; and, delicious and healthy, too!

And when we realized that there was no guacamole recipe on Great Eight Friends we got the low down on a Simple Basic Guacamole from one of our Gr8 Friends, Marta. You can add different ingredients to make it your own, but this is the perfect base. After all, what is Taco Tuesday without guacamole?

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Anna, Debbie, Kyle, and Jurga


Here at Great Eight Friends we love to introduce you to our favorite things. One of our favorite things (or companies) is Sir Kensington’s an amazing condiment company bringing condiments into the 21st century with natural ingredients and no preservatives.

FabanaiseThey have recently released a vegan mayonnaise, Fabanaise. Now, if you are like many of us, when you hear vegan you may think, “how good could that be?” Well, Fabanaise is amazing. If you shy away from mayo because it is too heavy, then this spread is for you. Forget that it’s vegan…it’s just good!

In addition to loving the concept, we love the fact that it is made from a by-product that would otherwise be discarded. The brilliant entrepreneurs at Sir Kensington’s figured out how to use aquafaba to make their vegan mayo. Aquafaba is the water left after chickpeas have been boiled to make hummus. They have partnered with a hummus manufacturer in NY to use this by-product!

Just so you know, some links on this page are affiliate links which means that Great Eight Friends may earn a small commission from the purchase of items through these links. All earnings go to the cost of keeping this website on line. Thank you for your Gr8 support!

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