Make a Pie Day, or Pi Day

Pi Day American Apple PieMathematics. Not my strongest subject, so the fact that there is a whole day devoted to an irrational number shouldn’t excite me. But, since it involves pie, I’m all in!

Over 25 years ago, a physicist, Larry Shaw, at the Exploratorium at the San Francisco Science Museum, noticed that March 14 (3/14), was the first 3 digits of pi, he ordered pies for everyone and a new holiday was born! There’s even a website!

If you are celebrating Pi Day this year, try one of these Gr8 recipes…

Our first pie, of course, is an All-American Apple Pie; this is a must! Kyle’s version is easy as, well…pie!Pi Day All American Apple PieVince’s favorite pie is Key Lime. It reminds him of his grandmother. This is a Gr8 recipe that Debbie shared, it reminds us of hot summer days. Key Lime Pie Pi DaySpeaking of hot summer days, when stone fruits are at their peak of freshness, try this Peach Amaretti Pie. It offers a twist on the classic graham cracker crust and the filling is oh so juicy and divine!Pi Day Peach Amaretti PieIf you need pies to take along on a picnic, try Kyle’s Fruit Hand Pies. These also make a wonderful snack and are easy to freeze for those last minute dessert needs!Pi Day Fruit Hand PIesAnd if you are looking for the perfect Pie Crust recipe, we have it for you here. Flaky and light, this crust is like heaven in your mouth.Pi Day Pie Crust

Happy Pi Day!

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