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Wow! I can’t believe that 2 years have passed since we started Great 8 Friends blog. We’ve learned a boatload about blogging and photography, lots about social media and we’ve even learned about cooking! (If you want to peek at our welcome post from 2 years ago, it’s right here.) We’ve also learned about design (well, at least a little bit), because we wanted a Gr8 logo. Our Top Gr8 Posts

Debbie introduced us to a young graphic designer, Katelyn Lizardi, (check out her Instagram @katelynlizardi_art) who designed our beautiful new logo. Kyle’s son, Wes, had drawn an idea for us when we first started out and Katelyn was able to bring it to life. The new logo debuted in January with our website revamp. We would love to know what you think in the comments.Our Top Gr8 Posts

And now, cheers to our Gr8 Friends, our 3rd year is beginning. Publishing a blog is a lot of fun because there is always something new and different and we never quite know what posts will pique our Gr8 Readers’ interests.

Here are Our Top Gr8 Posts of the past 2 years!

Number Eight:

We all need a Gr8 go-to appetizer and Kyle’s is these Super Simple Spinach Balls. This is a wonderful recipe because you can make these ahead of time and freeze them. When needed, you have a delicious hot appetizer that’s a snap!Our Top Gr8 Posts

Number Seven:

Chicken Parma Aussie Style is a dish Jurga cre-8-ed after returning from her birthplace, Australia. This is a popular dish “down under” so Jurga decided to bring it stateside. Try it with some pasta and big green salad!Our Top Gr8 Posts

Number Six:

The holidays are still a few months away but you’ll want to have this recipe on hand. Kyle’s Not Your Average Sweet Potato Casserole will be devoured by even those who claim to not like sweet potatoes!Our Top Gr8 Posts

Number Five:

Over-ripe bananas call for making banana bread, right? And everyone has a banana bread recipe. But some recipes take the ordinary to an extraordinary level. This recipe from the Flour cookbook for Banana Bread is that recipe.Our Top Gr8 Posts

Number Four:

Debbie is always surprising us with  her creativity. Not only is she a fabulous cook, but she loves to play with paper so we get these adorable cards and gifts made from beautiful papers. This recipe for Your Own Microwave Popcorn shows how to make this store bought snack more healthy and less expensive. AND Debbie serves it up in cute packaging!Our Top Gr8 Posts

Number Three:

Corn. An American staple. Served at the first Thanksgiving (supposedly) and probably on almost every holiday table since. This recipe for “Gulliver’s” Creamed Corn is nothing like the canned version. Rich, creamy and decadent, a perfect holiday food!Our Top Gr8 Posts

Number Two:

Some holidays call for red, white, and blue patriotism and what is more patriotic than a flag shaped dessert? (Okay, well, of course there are MANY things more patriotic than a flag dessert…but humor me, please.) Last year I created this American Flag Fruit Pizza for Independence Day. It’s really perfect for any day as you can make it any shape and use whatever fruit you prefer.Our Top Gr8 Posts

Drum Roll Please………………..

The Number One top post on Great 8 Friends is………………….

Kyle’s Slow Cooker Tri-Tip Roast and Veggies!!!

This is one of those meals that you you can mostly prepare the night before…imagine that, a full 24 hours before eating! Just marinate the roast overnight and prepare the spices for the veggies the night before. Then, simply put it in the slow cooker in the morning, prep the vegetables and, voilà! an incredible full meal good enough to serve to company is ready at dinnertime.

Our Top Gr8 Posts

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