Soul Satisfying Soups

Zucchini BisqueHere in California we never know what our winters will be like. Sometimes we are trading in our Christmas sweaters for t-shirts and sometimes we get to wear our wool coats and boots.

This winter has been one of the chilly ones…and we’ve had a lot of rain, too! On these chilly, rainy days I love nothing more than to have a big pot of soup simmering on the stove. The flavors of the ingredients waft through the house and before even tasting the soup it warms our bones.soul satisfying soups

Lucky for me, all four of us here at Great 8 Friends love our soups and we have posted several of our favorites over the past couple of years; like the yummy Chicken Spezzatino, in the above photo. In case you are in the mood for a big pot of love and goodness, here are some of the favorites.

The most popular soup recipe on the blog is….drum roll, please….Zucchini Bisque. I know, I was surprised, too! This is a Gr8 recipe because it can be served hot or cold.soul satisfying soups Zucchini Bisque

The second most popular soup isn’t REALLY a “soup,” but it feels like one while it is bubbling it’s way into our hearts on the stove, Scott’s World Class Chili. This is a chunky beef chili that has layers of flavor that will make you wish you had made a double (or triple!) batch!soul satisfying soups Scott's Chili

And what is more comforting than Matzo Ball Soup; those fluffy dumplings floating in herby brothy goodness…sigh…heaven in a bowl.soul satisfying soups Matzo Ball Soup

How about a soup that’s as filling as a meal? French Onion Soup is the answer. Jurga’s slow cooker French Onion Soup starts the night before with caramelizing the onions in the slow cooker. In the morning, add the rest of the ingredients, and you have a delicious dinner that night!soul satisfying soups

Another favorite here is the Italian Vegetable Soup. My girls beg me to make this when they are coming home. And Tori has made it herself several times for entertaining. Don’t you just love when your kids want to know how you make a certain dish? It’s so gratifying.soul satisfying soups frozen dinners

For more soup recipes, just search “soup” in the search bar. And please, let us know your favorite!

Meanwhile, this week we featured three recipes that should end up in your regular rotation!

Be sure to try this Easy Sheet Pan Lamb Dinner, it started with a hand-written recipe card from decades ago! And Jurga’s Crab Cakes will be a go-to for an easy, yet elegant main dish or appetizer. One of my favorites is Debbie’s Wild Rice with Mushrooms, this savory chewy wild rice dish will leave you wondering why you don’t make it more often.

Enjoy your weekend, and be a Gr8 Friend!

Anna, Kyle, Jurga, and Debbie

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