The Most Common Birth Day

You say you never thought about it? Neither did I…that is until a while back when it seemed like a lot of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances were celebrating birthdays in November and December. So, as we do nowadays, I Googled it!Most Common Birth Day

Edited from the original publication of September 10, 2016.

It turns out that the most common birth day is in September; and September is also the most common birth month as long as you don’t count the extra day in August. Not to be too indelicate here…oh come on, we’re all adults! But the month of September is nine months after the Christmas season…what did Santa bring you?

As of last year’s data, the most common birthday was September 16, new data, as published in Time magazine, has updated that to September 9th.

I suppose if your birthday is on September 9 or the 16th, you may not be too happy that it is the most common day, or you can embrace it and know that you have a lot of others to share your celebration!The Most Common Birth Day

The VizWiz website has a cool, interactive chart that shows the incidence of birth in the U.S. using data from 1994-2014.

The LEAST common birth day is…surprise, December 25; probably because for those scheduling deliveries, they aren’t scheduling on Christmas Day.

As we get older we tend to not want to celebrate another birthday. But as long as you are this side of the dirt…CELEBRATE, no matter how many candles you are putting on the cake!

Our Gr8 Week!

We re-shared one of our favorite recipes here on the blog, Kyle’s Shredded Chicken Tortilla Soup, perfect for fall! And Debbie has an Awfully Good Beans recipe that you should definitely try.

One of our favorite food personalities here at Great 8 Friends is Ina Garten, I recreated her Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts, can you say, “YUM”?!

Hope your week was as Gr8 as ours!

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