Tips for Treating Your Love

Weekly_WrapUp_2.6.16_CollageWith Valentine’s Day next weekend, the day of love, we wanted to give all of our Gr8 Friends some tips for treating your love.

If you still need to figure out a gift, we posted some our guys’ favorite things. Check it out, you just may find the perfect present to bestow on your beloved.

Debbie gave us a Sunday Supper of Roasted Chicken Breasts with Pressed Rosemary Potatoes…truly a meal that will have the family wanting to gather ’round the table and feel the love!

Peanut Butter Cups are an all-time favorite and Kyle showed us how to MAKE them! How yummy is that?!?! And you can use your favorite kind of chocolate. This Gr8 gift will be a hit with the little loves in your life.

There is a beautiful salad that Anna loves to make for special holiday occasions on the blog, Pomegranate, Apple, Walnut Salad. It is refreshing and light and pretty as a picture.

Counting down to Super Bowl…check out our snacks from last week.

Now go enjoy your weekend!

Debbie, Anna, Kyle, and Jurga

Gr8 Fact!

According to Good Housekeeping, 48 million Americans will order food to be delivered on Super Bowl Sunday. And pizza is one of the most popular. If you are up to making your own delicious homemade pies, here is Debbie’s recipe for Pizza on the Grill!Pizza-complete-IMG_0700

OR, you could win Pizza Hut’s Golden Pizza, covered with edible gold! Yes, Pizza Hut is giving away 50 Golden Pizzas to celebrate the 50th Super Bowl. But, sadly, not in the Golden State…only in 7 states, Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and West Virginia. Read all about it here.

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