Vacations and Birthdays and More!

vacations and birthdays

We were all over the place this week, from Spain to Irvine…and points in between.

Vacations and Birthdays and More!

Debbie and Phil just returned from Spain, Portugal, and Rome (please adopt me!) and they shared their food adventures in Mercado de San Miguel…guaranteed mouth watering time. (I have to try the caviar/vodka idea.)

Jurga and Kyle each made side dishes that will step up the boring side dish game. Remember back in the day when warm spinach salad was oh, so, chic? Well, try Kyle’s Spinach and Potato Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette. It could actually be a whole lunch; protein = bacon…check; vegetable = spinach…check; carb = potatoes…check!

Do you find yourself looking for new ways to serve rice? Jurga’s Basmati Pilaf with Dried Fruit and Almonds has the satisfying flavor of rice with a wonderful crunch of almonds and chewiness from the dried fruit. Try it!

And then we celebrated not one birthday…but TWO at North Italia in Irvine. Double Birthdays, Double Fun! See the fun we had and check out this delicious restaurant!

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Debbie, Jurga, Kyle, and Anna

PostScript:vacations and birthdays

Did you know that the “Happy Birthday To You” song is the English language’s most popular song? And did you know that until this year movies, TV shows, performers and more had to pay to use the “Happy Birthday” song? Warner music continues to believe they are entitled to the copyright, but has agreed to pay a $14 million settlement in a class action lawsuit. Click here for the full story. So now we will be hearing that old favorite much more often!


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