We Played This Past Week!

We Played

Some weeks we cook a lot and some weeks we play a lot. This week…

We Played!!

We started off by taking a cooking class together…we love cooking classes, always learn new techniques.

Then the Great Eight took a field trip and dined at a creative local restaurant. It’s always fun going out with friends, and we are such old married couples, the boys sit on one side of the table and the girls sit together at the other end.

Thursday was #tbt time to one of our Gr8 Dinners, celebrating the birth of our country. Check out the post to see one of the most cre-8-ive invitations we’ve had.

And then some of us girls had a “Mom’s Grad Party!” We’ve been getting together since our kids were in 2nd grade and they just graduated from college! (we are old.)

So much Gr8 Fun with Gr8 Friends all in one week!

Check it all out and be sure to visit next week to see what we have in store for National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day on Wednesday! And please let us know if you use any of the Gr8 ideas!

Have a Gr8 Weekend!

Kyle, Jurga, Debbie, and Anna

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