What A Week!

what a week

Wow, we were busy this week! First there was our very first blogging conference…the Elevate 2015 Blog Conference! Then on Tuesday we visited an iconic Chicago restaurant, those Chicagoans really know how to eat! Wednesday was National Egg Day, so of course, we had to celebrate! And, we added a new recipe for a quick, colorful and healthy dinner, Gnocchi with Shrimp, Asparagus and Pesto. Then it was National Doughnut Day! There is no way were going to let that get by without doing a post. And the doughnut recipe is gluten free, but still delicious! It’s always a bonus when you have a recipe in your arsenal that is tasty but meets the needs of those with restrictions.

You have your pick this week to join in several different kinds of Gr8 Fun…or check them all out, you only live once, might as well enjoy the ride!

Join us next week to see what a week we have for you! And please let us know if you have any questions or if there are any recipes you would like to see here at Great Eight Friends.

Have a Gr8 weekend and be a Gr8 Friend!

Anna, Debbie, Jurga, and Kyle

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