A Year of Love

Roses for a YearMy Christmas gift from my sweet son and daughter-in-law was roses for a year…that’s right, I get a bouquet of flowers each month for the entire year! Isn’t that a Gr8 gift idea? I just got my first delivery and it was enough flowers for 2 vases, plus a bud vase for the powder room, so I can spread the beauty around a bit! The deliveries are from a young floral company named The Bouqs Company.a year of love

What is nicer than receiving a monthly reminder from those you love most in your life? And I think as we get older these things take on more importance. Now, I’m not saying we should all spend money each month to show our love; but how about deciding to send a hand-written note to someone each month? Maybe you have an elderly relative who doesn’t do email or Facebook, brighten that person’s day with a monthly note, and even occasionally include a photo!

Or maybe resolve to send actual, physical birthday cards by post to all your friends this year. They will be surprised! I’m always a little melancholy when the Christmas season ends and cards stop arriving in the mail. So a card from a friend is ALWAYS welcome.year of love Christmas CardsThere is a lot of talk about how terrible 2016 was, let’s reverse the trend and make 2017 a year of thoughtfulness and love. Do something unexpected to brighten someone’s life!

Maybe that something unexpected is inviting a friend to share a home cooked meal. Debbie shared this yummy Whole Roasted Cauliflower recipe…the perfect comfort food to share with friends and family during the winter months.year of love Roasted Cauliflower with diced TomatoesThis Filet Mignon with Creamy Madeira Mushroom Sauce is a favorite of Jurga and Tim’s; and it makes a beautiful intimate meal for two!

year of love Filet Mignon

Or, make a treat and drop it by a friend’s house. It’s winter, so how about some Homemade Marshmallows to drop into hot chocolate or a mocha?If you want to really say “I care about you,” then make these Peanut Butter Cups…that’s right, Kyle shares the recipe for these favorites. I promise, you will surprise and delight someone with these treats.year of love peanut butter cups

Make 2017 Gr8 by Being a Gr8 Friend!

Debbie, Jurga, Anna and Kyle



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