YES, You Can Do That!

You Can Do That

This was a week to say, “I can do that?!?” Sometimes we just need the inspiration, or maybe an easy recipe, or just some extra time. Well, hopefully you will have the opportunity to try one or all of these wonderful ideas.

Debbie makes her own Granola and it is delicious! We have the easy recipe…and the good news is you will know exactly what it contains! How healthy and reassuring is that?

Jurga showed us how to make that delicious treat, French Onion Soup, in a crock pot…yes, that’s right, IN A CROCK POT! Try it out, put the soup in the slow cooker in the morning, and by evening you have dinner…it is Soup September, after all. How simple is that?

Anna did our #tbt of our Gr8 Dinner based on John Sundstrom’s Lark Cookbook. It is truly a gourmet meal, with step-by-step instructions. Live vicariously through our story or try to create your own dinner party based on a favorite chef. How amazing is that?

And Kyle showed us how to make a dessert that is part bar cookie, part candy bar and ALL yummy-ness! And the best part is, it is EASY! How delicious is that?

Try any or all of our recipes this week and let us know what you think!

You Can Do That!

Enjoy Gr8 Times and be a Gr8 Friend!

Debbie, Jurga, Anna, and Kyle



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