Comida de España Gr8 Dinner

A Fun Easy Chinese New Year Party!

A Gr8 Olde English Christmas Dinner

What a perfect time to celebrate each other and our many years of friendship. Hence, Friendsgiving became the theme! Thanksgiving with each other!

Great Eight FriendsGiving Party

A Halloween Haunt Gr8 Dinner Party

La Cucina Farinella deliziosa!

Beach Barbecue Gr8 Dinner Party

Our Backyard Hawaiian Luau

An Evening in Provence Dinner Party

Gr8 Eats Bountiful CALIFORNIA

A Middle Eastern Feast

Mardi Gras Dinner Party — Gr8 Fun!

A Danish Christmas Dinner

Great Eight Celebrates Autumn

Celebrating the Flavors and Fun of Jamaica

Camp Boomer

Far Out, Man!!

Windows to the Aegean — Greek Dinner Party

A Gr8 Independence Day Dinner!

Shipwrecked Dinner on a Gr8 Island!

Summertime in the South

Our Gr8 Backyard Barbecue Dinner Party

Chicago Dogs Dinner Party

Great 8 Celebrates March Madness

Great 8 Winter Olympics

Streit Rock Cafe

The Great 8 Gathers…Our First Dinner Party!

’60s Sitcoms TV Dinner Party

Heart of the Artichoke Dinner Party

Celebrating Ina Garten The Barefoot Contessa

Pigskin Classic

Nantucket Clambake Dinner Party

Gr8 Goes Green!

Gr8 Grandbaby Shower

The Wild West!

Las Vegas Baby!!

Memories from Our Mother’s Kitchen

My First Great 8 Dinner Cinco de Mayo

Great 8 Friends Goes Gourmet … Cookbook that Is

Fog City Diner

A Night in Margaritaville

A Great Eight Birthday Party

Gr8 Spa Dinner

A Gr8 Comedy Night!

Renaissance Faire…an evening of merriment

It’s A Lark!

Last Call for Anchor Ball!


Dr. Phil Does Italy