Eating for the Olympics

Eating for the Olympics

The 2016 Olympics are in full swing. Want to serve some international foods to honor the participating countries? We’ve got some Gr8 Recipes you can serve at your next Olympic Event!

Eating for the Olympics

Empanadas baked

Argentina is known for their Empanadas, those lovely little pillows of pastry plumped with meats, cheese and vegetables. We have two recipes for you here: Potato, Pepper, Chorizo Empanadas and Ham, Gruyère and Leek Empanadas.

China → Chinese Restaurants → Almond Cookies – these delicate crispy cookies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cubano Sandwiches can be cut into smaller portions (we call them “Cubanitos” here at Great Eight Friends) and served as appetizers.


France gives us many delicious foods, puff pastry and cheeses among them. Try this Asparagus Gruyère Tart, an easy appetizer that starts with frozen puff pastry!

In German the word is “Brezel” we know them as Pretzels. Make these Soft Pretzels to munch on while watching the athletes from München.

Shortbread Cookies

Great Britain is famous for Shortbread Cookies; here we have covered them in chocolate… Serve them with a spot of tea for that truly British feeling!

India is the home of Basmati Rice. This Basmati Pilaf is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner.

Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce

From Indonesia come many interesting sauces. The peanut sauce that accompanies this Beef Satay will have your guests asking for more.

Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan, countries surrounding the Caspian Sea whence we get caviar. However, you can also buy domestic caviar at a more affordable price to make this Caviar with Cream recipe. Your guests will think you are fancy!

Ireland, if you want to make Irish Coffee, make your own homemade Irish Cream, it’s like dessert in a glass!


Israel and those beautiful braided Challah Breads, not as difficult as they may seem…check out this video to see bread braiding as you’ve never seen it before.

Italy brings to mind Spaghetti and Red Sauce, but try this appetizer, Zucchini Scapece, especially since zucchini is abundant right now.

Japan is home to the pepper of the moment, Shishito. Many restaurants feature these charred beauties on their menus, now you can make them at home!

Falafel Pita Condiments

Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries count Falafel as one of their regional dishes. Made from chickpeas, these orbs can be served as appetizers or a main course…and they are vegetarian!

Lithuania can’t be left out as our very own Jurga hails from there! She shared her Potato Latke recipe with us. (Hey, make small latkes and top them with the Caviar and Cream!)


Mexico and Avocados, what would we do without avocados? We have your basic Guacamole Recipe and you can customize it to your taste.

Russia has a long and varied history. Beef Stroganoff, a trendy dish here in the 1960s, originated there in the mid-19th century. Read up on the hunk after whom Beef Stroganoff was named.

Overhead shot of Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce in a cast iron skillet.

Spain…Tapas…Spain…Tapas… Those two words just seem to go together. These Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce are the perfect nibble.


USA! USA! USA! USA! What is more American than a dish that was created in New York…Buffalo Chicken Wings! And for dessert how about an All American Apple Pie! USA! USA! USA! USA!

If you’ve enjoyed making any of these recipes, please let us know in the comments below. Or, if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them in the comments! Thanks for being a Gr8 Friend!

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  1. Anna | 13th Aug 16

    Thanks Brenda! We love our international foods here!

  2. Brenda Perlin | 13th Aug 16

    It all looks pretty fab. I mean Gr8. Thank you.

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