It’s Our First Birthday!

first birthdayIt’s hard to believe that today is our First Birthday! It was a Gr8 year and we are looking forward to our second year. Each of us has learned a lot; we’ve stepped up our recipe game, become better photographers (and still learning!), and each of us has gotten a little “tech-ier”…Oh and our sweet, patient husbands have learned to wait just a teeny bit longer for dinner while we take photos!

First Birthday Celebration!

Since no birthday is complete without a celebration, we had a lunch during a recent meeting. It’s always fun setting the table for girl time!first birthday

My grandmother loved to china paint and I am lucky to have four beautiful plates that she hand-painted years ago. The perfect number!first birthday

I made my favorite Chicken Salad recipe, sliced some French bread and put out some fresh radishes…simple, elegant, and delicious.first birthday

And we toasted…to all of you, our Gr8 Friends, who have joined us on this journey!first birthday

Let’s not forget birthday cake!!!first birthday

Thanks for being a Gr8 Friend! Looking forward to the coming year with each of you!

Here are two “scrapbooks” of some of our favorites!

And we shared some throwbacks to our Gr8 Dinners!




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  1. Anna | 31st Mar 16

    Thank you, Janet, for being a Gr8 follower and Gr8 Friend! We can’t wait to see what year 2 brings as well!

  2. Janet DeBiaso | 31st Mar 16

    Happy Birthday to four GR8 ladies and aspiring gourmet chefs!! You’ve added such yummy delights to my family’s meals this past year, and can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table next!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent and love of the kitchen with all of us faithful followers!


  3. Anna | 31st Mar 16

    Thanks, Brenda, for enjoying this past year with us. We hope to make this one even Gr8-er!

  4. Anna | 31st Mar 16

    And thanks for joining us, Lon! You have been a Gr8 Friend!

  5. Claudia Kerns | 31st Mar 16

    Happy Birthday ladies!! It was a great first year!!

  6. Brenda Perlin | 31st Mar 16

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all eight of you! Well deserved celebration. You have made my year more fun and yummier!!!

    Thanking you GR-8!!!

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