It’s My Party…!!!

As you know we LOVE a celebration here at Great Eight Friends; after all, what better way to say Gr8 Food, Gr8 Friends, and Gr8 Fun? We mark each of our birthdays by taking the honoree out for dinner. Generally we try to pick a restaurant that she hasn’t been to, but that we know she will love.It's my party

So, when I recently celebrated the last birthday of my 50s (Yikes!), Kyle, Debbie, and Jurga planned an evening for me and told me what time to be ready. There is always much anticipation because the birthday girl doesn’t know the destination.It's my party

On this particular Sunday afternoon Kyle and Debbie picked me up and told me that Jurga was already there and waiting…then they blindfolded me!!! That’s right, they put a pretty pink blindfold over my eyes! The mystery deepens! I so wanted to guess…and I tried to…the car backed out of the driveway, went forward, turned right, backed up again, turned around…I couldn’t tell where we were going. (Guess I’d make a lousy CIA agent!)

The car stopped not too long after we’d started, “where are we?” I wondered. Kyle said, “Stay where you are, I’ll come get you.” Do you know how strange it is to have someone help you down out of an SUV blindfolded? “Step down, okay, now there’s a curb, step up. I’ve got you, keep walking. Stop. Okay, now this is a high step…” Talk about trust!It's my party

When they finally removed the blindfold I was truly surprised! They had set up a birthday picnic at one of my favorite spots right near my home! What Gr8 Friends!

My Party…

…was a beautiful outdoor spread. They had decided to make foods that are already published on the blog. (I’m connected to some very smart ladies!)It's my party

Jurga concocted a new cocktail.It's my party

We had the Bleu Cheese Pear Dip and Crudités with Herby Dill Dip.Herby Dill Dip 1

Kyle surprised us once again and brought homemade Wine Gummy Bears for party favors!It's my party

We crunched on Debbie’s Homemade Pickles!It's my party

For our main course we enjoyed Mom’s Fried Chicken, Potato Salad with Fresh Dill and Grilled Vegetables.It's my party

And for dessert…Spicy Chocolate Cake with Jalapeño Fudge Frosting…and birthday candles, of course!It's my party

And to top it all off, a fresh ocean breeze and a stunning sunset.It's my party

This was truly a memorable birthday. The Gr8-est way to start the countdown to my 60th.

Thank you to the best besties a girl could ask for!

Did you miss any of our Gr8 Food this week? It was the end of September which means the end of the alphabet!

“R” is for Roast Beef, served with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy…true comfort food.Roast Beef 2Sweet Potato Casserole filled in for “S” and also is a Gr8 Fall dish for the upcoming holidays. Be sure to add it to your holiday line-up!Sweet Potato Casserole pieceAnd “T” is for Tiramisu, an old favorite here at Great Eight Friends. The perfect Do Ahead dessert.Tiramisu 2Then we jumped to “Z,” with, what else, but Zucchini! …Zucchini with Orzo, Dill and Feta, a Gr8 side dish or salad.Zucchini with Orzo 1Have fun trying these new recipes and please let us know how you like them.

Be a Gr8 Friend!

Anna, Kyle, Debbie, and Jurga


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  1. Claudia Kerns | 1st Oct 16

    Happy Birthday Anna! Everything was beautiful. What a lovely celebration with delicious food.

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