Pack a Picnic!

Picnic Basket Clear MarkedPack a Picnic

Since it’s National Picnic Day we thought we would invite our Gr8 Friends to join us at our recent dinner out…at the park!

When you picnic with 4 couples, everything is easier, because each couple contributes. Going on a picnic with a bunch of kids? …Priceless, but a lot of work!

Picnic Table Clear 2 MarkedWe decided to go classic with the food choices; fresh Veggies and two kinds of dip, Bleu Cheese & Pear dip and an Herby Dill dip; Oven-Fried Chicken; Biscuits; Potato Salad; Corn Salad; and Kyle’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert. Simple food, Gr8 Friends, and a beautiful evening in the park. What more can we ask for in life? Picnic Cookie JarSince the theme was Classic Picnic, we used a red and white checkered tablecloth that had belonged to my grandmother. Kyle has blue speckled enamelware plates left from one of her Gr8 Dinners. Since this wasn’t meant to be a patriotic dinner, we added sunflowers to brighten up the color scheme.

Once the sun set, we lit the candles, enjoyed our wine and talked late into the evening. This was truly a lovely experience. Our Great Eight group has been to many restaurants together over the years, we’ve been on a couple of harbor cruises, we’ve gone bike riding together, celebrated birthdays and savored many of the world’s great cuisines. We have never before been on a picnic together, but we had such fun that this may become an annual tradition!

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  1. Brenda Perlin | 3rd Jun 15

    Oh yum. That all looks so good. I love the crunch on the chicken. Making me so hungry!

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