The Morning After…

Water GlassesFor our most recent Gr8 Dinner, Last Call for Anchor Ball, we did something non-traditional by attending the 20th annual fundraiser gala for our kids’ school where we all met. Since the party was at a hotel less than a mile from our house, we continued the out of the ordinary event by having a sleep over. So while Kyle and Joel were preparing their suite for the before and after parties, I was prepping our home for Debbie & Phil and Jurga & Tim to spend the night… and for the morning after!

MimosasThe plan was to have breakfast together in the morning, so Kyle delivered two breakfast casseroles and some champagne on their way to the venue. I resurrected my 30-cup coffeemaker from the closet and set it up and then cleaned and mixed some fresh berries. (Because I tend to get a bit stressed when entertaining, the best way to alleviate that is to have as much done ahead of time as possible. YES! I even get stressed when having my very best, besties over!)

Fresh BerriesHere is the menu:

  • Mimosas
  • Breakfast Torte
  • Egg Casserole
  • Mixed Fresh Berries
  • Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing
  • Scones and Sweet Rolls
  • Coffee and Tea

Brunch Omelet Torte CutOnce the other two couples arrived and dropped their overnight essentials in their assigned rooms we all piled into an Uber for the short ride (we wanted to be able to enjoy the cocktails). The evening was perfect! After concluding the festivities in Kyle and Joel’s suite (one last lemon tartlet!), we grabbed an Uber for the trip home.

A favorite tradition when having guests in our home is to leave “Pillow Gifts” on each bed, usually small gifts that can either be used immediately or easily carried home. This time I had found sequined slippers that I knew would be fun for us four gals. The ladies opened them before bed to wear to breakfast.

Sequined Slippers
I know…Gaudy…but, oh so fun!

As is my habit, I rose early the next morning, plugged in the coffee pot then took the two casseroles out of the fridge to take the chill off before putting them in the oven. Setting the table was fun because this was a casual morning event. I grabbed the “Circle of Friends” candle that Kyle had included in the invitation for last year’s “Friendsgiving” theme, then clipped some greens and flowers from our tiny garden and put them in a couple of vases, added a pot of Irish moss left from St. Patrick’s Day and we had a lovely centerpiece! See how easy that is?

CenterpieceSoon everyone started meandering downstairs and Joel and Kyle arrived from the hotel. It was fun to be in the kitchen preparing breakfast with friends…one of us chopping the bacon for the dressing, one of us putting the finishing touches on the table, another pouring mimosas, someone getting the scones into the basket…. As my grandma used to say, “many hands make quick work!”OJ ToastWe sat outside on the patio, the morning was cloudy, but not cold, just perfect for a lovely meal. Getting friends together with good, simple food always makes for lively conversation.BrunchWelcome your Gr8 Friends onto your patio for a simple meal and let us know your tips and tricks for a beautiful gathering!

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