TROLLS Birthday Party!

Trolls Birthday Party BalloonsBirthday parties for children are so fun because of the bright colors and fun themes. One day while visiting my mother-in-law, she had a beautiful big tissue paper flower on a stick stuck in her garden. When I asked why she had a fake flower living in her vibrant blooming garden she said it was for my niece’s birthday. The chosen theme was Trolls, based on the DreamWorks movie.Trolls Birthday Party Pink Flower

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Trolls Birthday Party Trolls and FlowersNonna Anna said she was going to try to re-create that tissue paper flower to decorate for the party. She envisioned a Trolls garden.Trolls Birthday Party Purple Flower

I immediately asked if I could help with this Trolls birthday party. I love crafty things and I LOVE doing fun things with my mother-in-law!Trolls Birthday Party Garland

When I told Debbie how excited I was to be helping with a child’s birthday party, she told me that Sizzix had the perfect die-cut for a tissue paper flower garland…and of course she lent it to me! (Gr8 Friends are so helpful!) Anna and I had a lot of fun cre-8-ing the giant paper flowers and then using my Sizzix Big Shot to make the garland…we even made little treat boxes with another Sizzix die!Trolls Birthday Party Treat Boxes

The day of the party was sunny and beautiful and we had so much fun decorating the park.Trolls Birthday Party Gazebo

Nonna Anna and the birthday girl’s dad, Preston, made sandwiches on rainbow bagels; a Gr8 idea following the theme perfectly!Trolls Birthday Party Sandwich

The cake was bought at Costco and small Trolls movie figurines were added to make an easy, affordable, and beautiful 6 year old’s birthday cake.Trolls Birthday Party Cake

To complete the cute decorations, Preston had found Valentine and Easter plush Trolls dolls on clearance. These 2-foot tall dolls lived among the tissue paper flower garden during the party setting a perfect tone.Trolls Birthday Party Poppy

The colorful decorations set the perfect fun vibe for the birthday party and children and adults alike had Gr8 Fun!

If you decide to create the garland or the treat boxes, here are the links!

Trolls Birthday Party

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  1. Anna | 22nd May 17

    Awww, thank you my sweet Nonna Anna! Love you!

  2. Anna Salvatore (Nonna Anna) | 22nd May 17

    You are beautiful ,talented, kind and brought tears to my eyes !! You my friend helped us in making Siena 6th birthday memorable for years to come!!!

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