Gr8 Goes Green!

Gr8 goes Green Fab 4Back in 2010, it was time again for Joel and me to host our 12th Great Eight Dinner. First item on the planning agenda is always to decide on a theme. After eleven years of gatherings, no one had yet featured a “color” as a theme. How easy would that be? Hence,

Gr8 Goes Green

We couldn’t think of a better color to incorporate in the invitation, on the table, and of course we included green drinks, green appetizers, green dinner, and a green dessert! And no, we did not serve green eggs and ham but you know we were tempted.

Because only three invitations need to be delivered, it’s entertaining to assemble something creative to drop on each porch. I had so much fun putting this basket together of fresh green ingredients delegating green dishes for each Gr8 couple to bring.Gr8 goes Green invitationWe started the evening with Joel’s Appletini (apple martini) and several green appetizers. I made spinach balls, a recipe given to me many years ago by my dear friend Karen. Spinach-Balls-nibble-2I also served Green Olive Crostinis and Debbie brought Green Gazpacho offering this fresh and healthy cold soup creatively in shot glasses.Gr8 goes Green gazpachoOne of the starters was Celery and Pear Bisque. Although this soup does not have cream in it, the combination of flavors gives it a rich taste and therefore, a small portion was a perfect beginning to our meal.

Gr8 goes Green Celery and Pear SoupJurga treated us to her tasty Spinach Salad with Poppyseed dressing.Spinach Salad

For the entrée, we served Herbed Chicken on a bed of Collard Greens, Green Beans, and Anna brought a delightful side dish of Potato Basil Puree.Potato Basil Purée

What’s a meal without dessert? Well, we topped the evening off with Debbie’s individual Green apple pies! Homemade deliciousness!Gr8 goes Green apple piesAt the end of the night we were so tired and so full we were turning, you guessed it, GREEN (and growing mustaches?)!Gr8 goes Green couplesNeed I say more? Another Gr8 night!

Gr8 goes Green Anna
Don’t sleep during a Gr8 dinner…you never know what will befall you!





  1. Claudia Kerns | 21st Apr 16

    Fantastic menu!!

  2. Sharon | 21st Apr 16

    How fun! I’m reading this as I eat spinach with my green split pea soup. No coincidences in life, is there?

    • Kyle | 21st Apr 16

      Hi Sharon, We did have fun even with a theme as simple as “everything green”. Thank you for being a Gr8 Friend and continue to enjoy all things green 🙂

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