“The Fat Hen”

The-Fat-HenGreat name for a restaurant, don’t you think? If I ate there everyday, I would certainly be the image of that name! My daughter and her fiancé took me to The Fat Hen for breakfast on my recent visit to Seattle.

The-Fat-Hen-GoodiesWalking in the door, you are greeted by a cozy rustic atmosphere and a counter full of home baked goodies. I knew immediately that anything we ate would be delicious, and I was not disappointed.

The-Fat-Hen-latte-cookieOn the counter of goodies was a tray of cookies called “Bocconcino.” Now, bocconcino, in Italian, is actually the name for the small, round fresh mozzarella balls. This confection was obviously NOT a cheese, so we knew we had to try one. It was a light, airy cookie with an almond flavor…Delicious!

Most of the menu items have Italian names that don’t necessarily translate directly to the actual food being served. The three of us shared two items since we could see by the other diners that the portions were generous.

in camicia
in camicia

Camicia, translated, means “shirt,” perhaps this dish is so named because you will definitely get a drop or two on your shirt! Or maybe they christened this “in camicia” because the marinara sauce is perfectly flavored and enrobes two poached eggs. Also nestled into the sauce is mozzarella cheese and the whole dish is topped with fresh basil leaves…beautiful and delectable and hearty. Sop up the remaining sauce with the crusty Italian bread that accompanies each dish.

in carrozza
in carrozza

Our second breakfast was “In Carrozza,” which means “carriage” or “coach.” And that is exactly what this was. The poached eggs and cheese were “carried” on top of the country ham slices. A totally different flavor combination, but equally as delicious. There was plenty of food for the three of us and we were each able to have a bit of both plates.

The next time you are in Seattle, please visit The Fat Hen and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to check out the Starbucks Roastery.

The Fat Hen — 1418 NW 70th St — Seattle, WA 98117 — 206.782.5422 — Tues-Sun 8a-3p


  1. Brenda Perlin | 15th Jul 15

    This looks too good to be true Anna. Super yum, indeed!

    • Anna | 15th Jul 15

      Brenda, Seattle has some of the best restaurants! Thanks for following us, you are a GR8 Friend!

      • Brenda Perlin | 15th Jul 15

        This looks fab! Thanks for sharing your hot spots!

        We loved the Dim Sum Noodle place in Bellview. Next to the Westin. Might have to look up the name but it was buzzing!

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